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Green Magnet Fishing Light Instructions

The Green Magnet has produced excellent results using most of the standard fishing techniques and baits. Remember, the Green Magnet attracts the baitfish, so a good test is to try a spot for about 15 to 20 minutes. If a large number of baitfish start to appear, chances are good that the same will hold true for the game fish. Do not fish in the light, but around the dark edges of the lighted circle. If using a float or live bait, fish the dark edges of the lighted circle. If using a spec rig or similar lures, pull it from the dark edges of the lighted circle. If no baitfish start to show up after maximum of 30 minutes, you can bet game fish wonít either. The darker it is outside, the better the Green Magnet will work.

Secure a weight, 1 pound for a 1ft. light, 3 pounds for a 2ft. light and 5 pounds for the 4ft. light, in the hole on the end of the light. Tie a rope to the snap swivel on the base of the light, secure to inside of boat before lowering the light into the water. For best results, the Green Magnet should be submerged one to two inches beneath the waterís surface, keeping it close to the fisherman. Let the Green Magnet bring the fish to you.

Use only a 12-volt DC power source (Red positive +) (Black negative -). DO NOT CUT or try to extend cord length as this could not only damage the ballast assembly but will void your warranty. DO NOT SUBMERGE ballast assembly. This will damage the ballast and will void your warranty. DO NOT use the power cord to lower or retrieve the light, this could cause damage to the unit.

Note: After extended use the bulb may become dark on the ends, this does not effect the efficiency of the light.
If light becomes dirty use a mild detergent to clean it.

Warranty: Please return your Warranty Registration Card to the address listed below to validate your warranty.

Sportsmanís Outdoor Network warrants the Green Magnet against any defects due to faulty material or workmanship for 1 year from the original purchase date. We will either repair or replace the faulty product at our option. This warranty is not transferable. Any misuse, abuse or modification voids this warranty.

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