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Green Magnet Testimonials

Capt. Duane E. Landis
Santa Barbara Sea Charters and Yacht Sales
Santa Barbara, California

Thresher Sharks caught on live Mackerel
made by the Green Magnet the night before

Gabriela caught a small Mako shark and 35lb Albacore
tuna with live spanish mackerel made by Green Magnet

The Green Magnet is attracting baits to be jigged or
netted at the Charter Boat "Finaddict" the night before the charter.

42lb-48lb. Halibut & 10-15lb. White Sea Bass caught by Ricardo &
Capt. Duane Landis on Live Squid made by the
Green Magnet to Win the Halibut Derby!

Hungry Winter Time Calico Bass caught by Henry & Doc
on live squid produced by the amazing Green Magnet.

Halibut a local favorite can not pass up live squid baits.
Raised up from 100 ft. by the Green Magnet
then scooped with the hoop net seen behind.

Capt. Duane Landis, 49lb. Halibut w/ 20# Andie Mono line, 4/0 live bait hook with a reverse dropper loop using live squid produced by the Magnet.

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Capt. Manu Pacheco
Saltwater Specialist
Pahoa, Hawaii

After one month of fishing with the Green Magnet I have come to the conclusion that it really works. I've caught many fish and some unusual catches every night that I have used the Green Magnet. Please find enclosed several pictures of some of my catches while using the Green Magnet.

Capt. Manu and his crew (Mike and Kim) have been putting the
Green Magnet to good use !!!

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Mr. Gene Cooper
Hemphill, Texas

I always fish at night using my 4ft. Green Magnet light using minnows. the Green Magnet draws the baitfish by the hundreds. During a period of 25 days of fishing I have caught a total of 396 crappie, 65 yellow bass, and 23 catfish. During a period of five months (April thru August) while fishing on Toledo Bend Lake I caught a total of 998 keeper crappie (minimum length on Toledo Bend is 10 inches). I have caught a lot of 15 inch and 16 inch crappie and I give all of the credit to my Green Magnet 4 ft light. Please find enclosed some pictures of the crappie that I have caught while using the Green Magnet. Also enclosed is a picture of the 2lb. 19 inch crappie that I caught while fishing on Toledo Bend while using the Green Magnet.

9 crappie (2 over 14"). Caught in 2 hours using the Green Magnet.

Gene's showing off 16 crappie he caught using the 4 ft.

The Crappie that Gene is holding was caught on Toledo Bend Lake using a 4ft Green Magnet light, a minnow and lots of skill :-)

Tommy Abbott
Greenwell, Louisiana

I caught a 50 lb. redfish, 10 ball reds, 25 speckled trout, and 2 reds that were over 31 inches using my Green Magnet Light in just two hours. We were fishing at Green Isle, Louisiana on Labor Day weekend. There is no doubt in my mind that the Green Magnet really works!

Jerry Bouchard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida